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  • Best Easy Setup Pull Up Bar – Recommend one of those pull up bars that you pop into a door frame to do pull ups on. Find the best one and recommend it here.
  • Best Door/Wall Pull Up Bar – Find the best pull up bar that gets installed on a wall or above a door opening. Recommend that here.
  • Best Pull Up Bar (Free-Standing Rack) – Find the best free-standing pull up bar station. This is one of those pull up bar/dip stations that you see frequently in gyms.
  • Advantages of pull ups – Talk about why people want a pull up bar. (They want a strong back, they want to lose weight, they want a workout without a gym membership or excessive equipment, they’re putting together the ultimate home gym, etc…) Touch on their pain points of not having a pull up bar. Then talk about how great it would be to be able to workout at home any time they want.
  • Different Types of Pull Up Bars – Discuss the different pull up bar types. Talk about what makes a quality pull up bar vs a cheap version.
  • Different Types of Pull Ups – Wide Grip, Narrow Grip, Chin Ups, Mixed Grip, Muscle Ups, etc…
  • Muscles Trained Doing Pull Ups
  • (Repeat of Above) mention the best pull up bars in the 3 categories: No-Install Needed Pull Up Bars, Wall/Doorway Installed Pull Up Bars, Free Standing Pull Up Bars.
  • Mention a few pull up training plans. “Grease the Groove” doing a few reps several times per day vs 3×10 Bodybuilding style vs whatever else (Crossfit or whatnot).
  • How to do a pullup if you don’t yet have the strength for one (get a chair and use your leg to help)
  • Step-By-Step Instructions for Buying, Installing, and Training Pull Ups
  • (Repeat of Above) mention the best pull up bars in the 3 categories: No-Install Needed Pull Up Bars, Wall/Doorway Installed Pull Up Bars, Free Standing Pull Up Bars.

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Back Force Extreme is a new site about pull up bars. We plan to review pull up bars and give you the best option for buying a pull up bar.

Want a strong, lean, healthy, and beautiful back? Using a pull up bar is key to that end. With just one exercise, you can use your own body weight to grow your core, low back, lats, and stabilizer muscles. Not to mention those awesome “Christmas Tree” muscles around your spine.

A healthy back starts with plenty of muscle. That’s why you need to train it. You need to overload your back muscles in a strategic way. Then rest those muscles. They will grow. Over time you will start with very low amounts of exercise, like just 1 pull up on the bar, to doing several pull ups at one time. Eventually you’ll be banging out 10, 12, or 30+ reps at a time.

With an at-home pull up bar, you can do the “grease the groove” exercise variation. This is where you do just one or two reps several times per day. The total volume is the same. At the end of the day, you may have done 100-300 reps. But you did them one at a time. This way it’s easier on your body. It trains neuromuscular as well as muscular fitness. This is one of the fastest ways to a muscular back at home.

No matter if you’re not strong already. Doing pull ups is easy enough with less than body weight. Just grab a chair and put your feet up on it. Or one foot if you’re intermediate. Then use your legs to assist as you pull yourself up with your arm and back muscles. Over time you’ll develop more and more strength. Eventually, you’ll be able to do a pull up. Then 2. Then 3. Then you’ll be doing reps over and over all day. Plus you’ll have lats like a champ and feel amazing.

I’ve heard pull up bars can help with back pain too. Not only are you lengthening and strengthening, you’re also stretching out those disks between vertebrae. With all the sitting you’ve been doing, that’s really helpful to your overall health.

Either way, getting a pull up bar can be one of the best things you do for your health and your body. Are you sick of feeling “blegh”? Sick of not being strong? Need more grip strength? Want a beach back that you can show off to everyone? Want a lean, toned back? Pull up bars are the answer.

Well, you should definitely check back with “Back Force Extreme” in the future. We’re going to look at the best pull up bar for your money. Then we’re going to find the ultimate pull up bar for your home gym. There are models that go above a doorway and ones that take up a ton of space in your garage. Whatever flavor you’re looking for, we will review it and show you the best option. We’re really excited to get started on this journey and hope you check back soon.

See you then!


Team Back Force Extreme